About Tracy

My Mary Kay career began in 2008 . After I graduated college in 1986, I went directly into corporate America where I became a Buyer for Burdines/Macy’s Department stores and then ventured into the Cruise Industry in Miami Florida.  I had a very good paying job but finally realized after the birth of my second child, that I didn’t have the quality of life I wanted with my kids and family. 

I took a year off to assess where I wanted to go next. During that timeframe, we moved to Georgia for my husband’s career.   That is when Mary Kay the company found me.  Never in a million years did I picture myself becoming a beauty consultant.  However, when I heard the business opportunity and that it could offer me the ability to work from home while earning as much or as little as I wanted based on my goals and efforts, I immediately joined. 

Never did I imagine how much joy I would get from my Mary Kay business. For the first time since my daughter Alexis(then 4), and Son Griffin(then 2) were born, I was able to attend all the important things in their lives, while earning an income at the same time.   In addition, I realized how extremely flexible this business was when my husband Chris’s job moved to Maryland.  I not only adapted easily to the new area because of my business, but continued to service my customers in Georgia,  while building my team and business in Maryland.  I became a director within a year and have enjoyed my Directorship mentoring and coaching my unit “The Miracle Makers” for 3 years.   We now live in Virginia and I am enjoying meeting a brand new group of women. 

My Mary Kay business has literally improved my life. I feel so blessed to be a part of a company that promotes Faith and Family before career.  And empowers and encouraging women to go as high as they can dream, as there are no glass ceilings in Mary Kay.

As I know that being a Mary Kay consultant, director or National is not for everyone, I truly believe that everyone would gain something positive from the experience.


“Believe in yourself and you can accomplish anything”




Tracy Family